9 Ounce Candles

9-oz. jars are available in all the same fragrances as our 26 oz. jar for $12.00 each.  Purchasing these would be a cost effective way to try new scents.

All Kathrine’s Candles are hand poured to ensure an even and smooth consistency. They are carefully scented with the finest fragrances and poured in a decorative glass jar. Your candle will always smell like it is being lit for the first time.

Our candles burn slowly, giving you as much as 150 hours of burn time with our 26 oz candles and up to 60 hours burn time with our 9 oz. candles. We like them so much we burn them in our own store in Brandon Mississippi and singles candle lasts us up to 3 weeks!. All of our hand poured scented candles burn very cleanly, no more dirty black smoke. And don’t worry, they are lead free.

Please be safe when burning candles in your home or place of business. These are some safety tips that we recommend:

  • Never leave Candle Burning Unattended
  • Burn 3-4 Hours per Lighting
  • Keep Wick Trimmed to 1/2 Inch
  • Do Not Let Trimming Collect Inside jar
  • Keep Away From Pets, Children, Curtains and Any Flammable Material
  • Burn On A Heat Resistant Surface
  • Stop Burning When Only 3/4" of Wick is Remaining in Candle